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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Judas Iscariot: Freedom Fighter or Terrorist?

Easter seems to bring about more debate over the historical Jesus... constructive or not... it is that time of year again...
Here is a selection of the debate from Beliefnet:
"The document is clearly a gnostic forgery. Key concepts and words from gnostic philosophy are prevalent from even the first few pages. There is a reason that the attempted 'hijacking' of Christianity by gnosticism failed-it was clearly demonstrated to be false and historically invalid during the second/third century. Visit: http:/// for more info. The truth prevailed, gnosticism and its historical revisionism faded away." (rmcwilson)
"One of my favourite versions of the Christ story is the much-maligned Last Temptation of Christ. In it, Judas is portrayed as not exactly sympathetic but understandable.What is often lost in discussions is that there was a militant strain of Judaism that advocated armed revolt against the Roman oppressors. Kazantzakis' Judas is a former zealot who sees Jesus as a potential messiah but is disillusioned when Jesus advocates a passive campaign against the Romans. It's truly fascinating stuff." (dplatt)
"It has been said that a wise person can learn something from any book - even a lousy book, as an example of what is lousy - whereas a fool cannot learn from even the greatest book. My attitude toward the Bible is not reverent, but respectful. I have tried to learn from it without blindly and dogmatically accepting everything as literal truth. But then, that is how I approach most serious books. God-breathed? Perhaps - but who is to say that God didn't breathe through other books as well?" (Heretic for Christ)


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